Fairmont Hot Springs & Columbia Lake Area Official Community Plan planning process.

You are invited to attend an introductory meeting to kick off the Fairmont Hot Springs & Columbia Lake Area Official Community Plan planning process.   Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm Fairmont Hot Springs Resort (Cedar Room) 5225 Fairmont Resort Road   Topics to be covered at the meeting include an introduction to OCPs, an overview of the expected planning process, and a discussion of the intended outcomes. Meeting attendants will have an opportunity to share their knowledge of the plan area Continue reading →

FCA General Meeting

The next general meeting of the FCA will be held Saturday 13th February at 10.00am at The Lions Den. Items on the agenda will include: Footpath Society Act Wilder Memorial Park Survey Newsletter If you would like to add something that you feel is important to the agenda please reply to this email. A complete agenda will follow one week before the meeting. Hope to see you there.

Backyard Agriculture Area F and G

Good morning everyone,   RDEK Planner Kris Belanger is looking to get community feedback on backyard agriculture in Electoral Areas F and G – specifically, keeping chickens for egg production, hobby scale beekeeping and wildlife exclusion fencing for gardens.   I’ve attached some information for you – and want to let you know about a couple of Community Workshops Kris will be hosting in the first week of November. The workshops are being held to gauge residents level of support for small scale backyard agriculture Continue reading →

Area F Town Hall Meeting

Area F Town Hall & Volunteer of the Year: Mon, May 11, 2015 – Fairmont Hot Springs Resort 7:00pm – Volunteer of the Year Celebration 7:30pm – Area F Town Hall Meeting The Volunteer of the Year celebration will be held at 7:00pm.  Please join us for refreshments and cake as we celebrate our Area F Volunteers of the Year Terry and Shirley White.   Town Hall Meeting agenda topics will include: Director’s Report from Wendy Booth, presentation on the Ecological Goods and Services Projects (which Continue reading →