FCA Meeting Minutes May 14th 2014

Fairmont Community Association

Minutes of meeting held

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Meeting held at the Lion’s Den 

Meeting called to order by Tex Deagnon at 7:30pm


18 members in attendance and 2 guest speakers


Tex introduced one of our guest speakers, Richard Hayworth

Richard provided us with an update on the water system.

–       They are moving forward with the new wells

–       Before the wells can be used, they will need to build a new reservoir

–       Install new pipes from the wells to reservoir

–       Work on the new reservoir and pipes will continue in September

  • Waiting to hear about a loan for the cost the construction

–       There will be a rate increase to cover the cost of the new water system

  • The rates will most likely double
  • The goal for the increase is to start in January 2015.

–       Once all upgrades are completed there will be meeting with the public to discuss increase and upgrades

  • Was suggested that we (FCA) send a letter to the controller asking that a representative be at the meeting.
  • A Motion was put forth to send a letter to the Controller of Water Right in regards to the rate increase, requesting a representative at the meeting
    • The Motion was passed; FCA will write a letter.

–       Questions/Answer/Discussion period with members and Richard

  • What is Richard’s role with the Corix and the Resort
    • The Resort owes Corix and Richard is an independent consulted hired by the resort.
  • What is the PH of the water?
    • Richard did not know the answer but has emailed the breakdown of the water to Tex, which he can forward to anyone who wishes a copy.

For more information please see the Minutes from November 5, 2013.

Tex thanked Richard for attending and Richard then left the meeting


Tex introduced our next guest speaker, Damien Richard, the Dog Control Officer

Damien, discussed that there are four bylaws regarding Dogs

–       Pick up after your pet

–       Control barking

–       Control your pet at all times

–       Damage your pet has done to others

Damien, asked if there was any questions for him regarding the Dog Control

–       Dog Licenses for the RDEK

  • Pit bulls $1000.00
  • Spayed or Neutered $20
  • Not Spayed or neutered $30

–       How long has there been a Dog Control Officer in the Valley

  • Since 1999

–       How do we make renters aware of Bylaws

  • Include bylaw with Tax assessment.
    • FCA will talk with RDEK regarding this

–       Discussion regarding the recent dog attach

  • Damien was not able to discuss too much about this as it is an going investigation.
    • Owners of the Dog that was killed were at the meeting
      • Discussion regarding incident

–       Motion was brought forward to send a letter to the Manager of Protector Services, Leanne Crane regarding the Bylaws and what can be done to change them

  • Motion was passed, FCA  will sent a letter

Damien left a number of business card for members to take and stated if you have any questions or concerns to contact him

Tex thanked Damien for attending the meeting and Damien left the meeting


Janice read a brief overview of the minutes from February 14, 2014 meeting; they were accepted by Ken Innes and Ann Marie Deagnon


Treasure’s Report
Jim was not present

–                      Tex stated there was an outstanding bill for the FCA Post Office Box for $157.50



–                      Has been posted on our Facebook and Website

  • Members stated this has been very helpful.


RDEK – Wendy Booth

Wendy was not present at the meeting but did send a written submission, which was read by Tex Deagnon

–                      See attached

–                      Discussion regarding Wendy submission

  • Taxes will be increased a small amount
    • Once upgrades are complete, increase will continue with monies put into a “slush fund”
      • Uses for “slush fund”
        • Hire someone to walk the creeks and observe the flow

Old Business
Bear Aware Program

–                      Jim to give a report on program, he was not at the meeting

–                       Tex stated program is the same as what Invermere and Windermere offer


Drainage and Culverts

–                      Kareen (MOT), Garry and Tex did a tour

  • MOT will start work on Wills Roads, top to bottom
    • Will start this year and will finish next year

–                      Discussion regarding Riverview Road

  • No drainage and flooding
    • At this point there is not plan to fix this on-going problem.


Wilder Park (bottom of Wills Road)

–                      Kareen (MOT) not interested until a finally decision is made



–                      Tex suggested the Murray Trusler/Gary Thompson to do a quarterly newsletter

  • Tex will discuss this with them


Membership Dues

–                      Annual Membership meeting is Saturday, August 30, 2014

  • Memberships can be renewed


New Business

Neil Kyle asked about Bylaw change in regards to the restrictions of fence heights.

–                      Currently it is 4 feet

–                      Would like it changed to 6 feet

–                      The reason for the change is due to increase traffic noise

–                      Tex will look into how to get the Bylaw changed.


Suggestion was made to ask Norm MacDonald for a meeting

–                      Topics to be discussed with Norm

  • Speed on highway
  • Signage

–          Tex will look into arranging a meeting with Norm and the FCA



Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm


FCA notes

May 2014, Wendy Booth


  • Bella Vista public hearing May 21st, at 7:00 pm at Fairmont Hot      Springs Resort


  • The Fairmont Landslide and Flood Service area has been approved      by the RDEK board, we are waiting on Provincial approval prior to      adoption.  The maximum funds that      could be raised annually is $50,000.       A property valued at $300,000 would see a maximum of $58.00 per      year.  This area includes all of      Fairmont Hot Springs (Fairmont Bungalows to the north and Spruce Grove to      the south)


  • The Federal and Provincial governments      announced they have approved $311,552 in funding through the Building      Canada Fund – Communities Component – Flood Protection Program for the      RDEK’s Fairmont      Creek Debris Flow Mitigation project. The total cost of this phase of the      project will be just over $467,000 – and the remaining portion of the      project coming from the Community Works Fund (Gas Tax), community      donations, and taxation.


  • This Phase will see the creek      channel widened and bank protection (rock armouring) between the      downstream portion of the Marble       Canyon works and the      pond/debris trap on hole #12 on the Mountainside Golf Course. This work      will:

• increase the capacity of the creek; and,

• assist in keeping debris or high water within the creek channel.

  • Likely this work will commence after the golf season


  • No news on Columbia       LakePark.  Not sure what the timeline is.


  • MOTI-I met with Kareen about the work plan for Fairmont.  I know that she has met with the FCA as      well.


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