Quick Update – Island Pond Fire RDEK


I just got an update on the Island Pond Fire and wanted to share it with you.


The fire is now estimated at 1150 hectares. The south and southeast flanks of the fire are currently holding well with machine guarding and air support – as they’ve dropped both water and retardant again today.   They have also done some machine guarding from the south to the east flank today and are continuing those efforts.


The fire is more active currently on the northeast side and that area will be their next focus for guarding.


The evacuation alert remains in effect for the 51 residences between Island Pond and the north end of Premier along with the campground at Premier Lake.


The smoky conditions are expected to continue and it could remain windy or gusty though tomorrow. 


This will be the last update for tonight unless conditions change; however, I am expecting a bulletin from the SE Fire Centre and I will forward that along when we get it.


In the morning, I expect the update will be sent out around 11:15 (earlier if anything significant changes) as it takes some time for the Fire Centre to get the information from the field overnight and through their process.