RDEK Update

Good morning,


They are hoping to conduct that controlled burn on the east side of Island Pond fire today.  We do expect it will generate a lot of smoke – so if you see the smoke / plume increase this afternoon, I wanted to reassure you it is part of their planned controlled burn.


  • The estimated fire size has not changed and they are now estimating it to be 35% contained.


  • They have the full set of resources on the fire again today: 67 firefighters, 3 helicopters, 8 pieces of heavy equipment.


  • They are reinforcing guards along the south flank; however, much of the focus today will be in the north and east sides as they continue to work on guarding.



Highway 93S remains closed at this time between Radium and Castle Junction.  I will not be sending another update until this evening (unless there is a significant change somewhere), so please visit www.drivebc.ca or www.alberta511.ca to check on the status of that closure. There is an alternate route through Golden open at this time and again, I’d recommend checking those online resources to see if there are any delays/temporary closures on that detour route.


Provided there are no significant changes on anything today, I will send an update this evening.

Enjoy your day everyone,


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