BC Wildfire update

Here is the latest from the BC Wildfire Service on the fire front, with the most notable change being the lifting of some of the Forest Service Road Closures on the Lamb and Quinn Creek fires:

  • Lamb Creek – Still considered 80% contained and being held. The Lamb Creek road closure has been lifted. The Etna Creek Forest Service Road closure remains in effect (see map here: http://ow.ly/LuJt30ffypF). There are 15 firefighters working towards full containment of the fire and mopping up. Fire behaviour remains low but the fire is still actively burning within the perimeter.
  • Soowa Mountain – remains estimated at 5,800 ha. The fire is burning in a remote area and is being closely monitored.
  • Kenow Mountain – Estimated 15,448 ha – classified as being held on the BC side. This fire is being monitored on the BC side. On the Alberta side, the fire remains estimated at 38,100 hectares and is classified as being held.  The fire is not expected to grow beyond its current perimeter and resources continue to monitor and extinguish hot spots.  Parks Canada reports that smoke may still be visible from this fire for several weeks until the winter.  Additional areas within Waterton Lake National Park re-opened yesterday and some businesses in the Village of Waterton have reopened.  Click here for a full Parks Canada update on the areas that have been reopened (and those that remain closed).
  • Lodgepole FSR – This fire is being monitored.
  • White River – 90% contained and remains at an estimated 26,400 ha.  There are 7 firefighters and one helicopter working on rehabilitation efforts.   Forest Service Road Closures: White River Forest Service Road, starting at the 32.5 kilometre mark, White-East Fork Forest Service Road, starting at the 60-kilometre mark, White-Schoefield Forest Service Road, starting at the 78-kilometre mark and Lodgepole Creek R05956 SEC 1 Forest Service Road, starting at the 54.3-kilometre mark
  • Quinn Creek – estimated 11,764ha and is classified as under control. This fire is now being monitored.  The Forest Service Road closures for Quinn Creek Forest Service Road at Alpine Creek, Bull River Forest Service Road between Narboe Creek and the 94.5 kilometres mark have been rescinded.
  • Linklater Creek – The fire on the Canadian side is under control.  The BC Wildfire Service is now working on rehab planning for this area.  This fire is being monitored.
With things winding down and most of the outstanding questions related to Forest Service Road closures and burning restrictions, the RDEK Emergency Information phone line is now closed. It will be re-activated anytime there is a large scale emergency.  Inquiries about the fires, road closures, and burning restrictions should be directed to the SE Fire Centre at 250-365-4040. Their website is www.bcwildfire.ca


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