Fairmont Creek and Cold Stream Creek Hazard Assessment

I have just been email the links to items 8.7 and 8.8 (Thanks Wayne) http://www.wendybooth.ca/blog/HazardAssessmentColdStreamCreek.pdf http://www.wendybooth.ca/blog/HazardAssessmentFairmontCreek.pdf Hi All If you follow the link below, item 8.7 and 8.8, you will see the hazard assessment reports for the 2 creeks in Fairmont.  These were completed after this summers flooding events.  This is for your information.  Caution it is a large file. ftp://ftp.rdek.bc.ca/agendas/electoralareaservices/EASAgenda_Dec%205.pdf Wendy– Wendy Booth Director Area FRDEK 250 345 6155 www.wendybooth.ca

RDEK – Emergency Numbers

Hello everyone, Mother Nature is at it again.  If you live in and around a waterway, you may  have noticed ice building up on some local rivers and streams.  With the warmer temperatures this week, there is the potential for ice jams to cause localized flooding.  I wanted to send out the numbers to call in case of emergency just as a reminder.  Please keep these handy all year through!  If you are experiencing flooding (or another large scale event), these are the numbers that Continue reading →