Our FCA Board

President Deagnon Tex
Vice   President Murray Trusler
Secretary Pfeiffer Linda
Treasurer Neilson Paul
Membership Chair Jackson Deagnon Ann Marie
Area F   Rep. Non voting Booth Wendy
Fairmont Walkways Chair Kozlowski James
Caldwell Mary
Leskie Anita
Guild Colin
Buch Adam
Scott Brian
White Shirley
If you wish to contact any of our Board Members please email:  fairmontcommunity@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Our FCA Board

  • Neil kyle

    How can I apply for a development variance permit to build an eight foot privacy/ sound barrier wall.according to BC Dept of Transport Engineering a tree and vegetation barrier will only reduce the sound by less than 5 decibels so a wall that is above the height of truck exhaust.The noise from the highway is excessive as well as the amount.The ideal solution would be get DOT to build a earthen berm which would not improve the estedics of the location.Also the berm would be a problem with flood control mitigation.

    • Neil kyle

      The bylaw change would be allowing a higher fence than the by laws allow.I would ask for exemptions for high noise high traffic noise that is within a 50 meter corridor from the highway.The material for the sound fence would have to be similar as the adjacent residence and meet engineering standards for the required height (resistant to maximum wind).The variance would only effect seven residences in the community of Fairmont Hot Springs.

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